Tuesday, 7 August 2012

An introduction

My first blogging post.
Well I guess a little about your blogging host would be appropriate at this stage. I am a soon to be 50yr old female - though not ready for SAGA holidays just yet! - who works from home in the beautiful North Herefordshire countryside. I share my abode with my lovely hubby and a house full of animals - except the budgies who have their own living quarters outside in the garden, fully heated with luxury roosts, swimming pool and gormet food. I spent over 20 years in the child care industry in one way or another, nanny, nurseries and as a matron in a boys prep school, now that was fun!
I bought my first rather large and complicated cross stitch kit 21yrs ago having never crossed a stitch in my life and I have to say that it is still a UFO, to those not in the know that's an unfinished object not a little green man's spacecraft! It could also be classed as a WIP - work in progress - but I haven't stitched a stitch in many a year so can't really class it as 'in progress' but hopefully one day I shall pick it up again. It is a very special kit as it was the last Christmas present received from my lovely mum who passed away a few days before Christmas '93 so even though it would not now be a design I would choose to hang on my wall, when it is finally finished it will be framed and hung up.
I am very lucky to have a hubby who supports me in my Fat Cat venture and has helped in so many ways to get the company up and running, it has been a bit of a slow crawl but we are getting there and are beginning to jog along quite nicely. Incidentally for those that want to know, the name came about as we were taking our very own fat cat Jemima to the vet and trying to come up with a suitable and memorable name, though it amazes me how many people seem to have a problem saying it, is it really that difficult?
As I said, we share our house with a variety of animals these being 3 cavaliers, 2 cats, 1 hamster, 13 budgies and 14 tropical fish, once the pond is finished we shall also have some other fishy varieties. We have unfortunately in the past year lost 2 other cavaliers but prefer to look back on the joy they brought us and the fun times we had and not mourn their passing too greatly, and that allows us to add to our furry family. We have also just started fostering for an amazing rescue called Many Tears and our first foster dog was re-homed 2 weeks ago after just 10days with us, it was sad to see him go as he was so sweet but he has gone to a fabulous home and it means we have room to have our second foster who will hopefully be joining us at the end of the week.

Well I guess that is enough of the rambling, I shall try to make the next blog more about cross stitch but expect more of the ramblings in later posts!
Happy stitching!